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Canadian National Flag 2PC.

Canadian National Flag 2PC.

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The Canadian National Flag, often referred to as the Maple Leaf Flag, is a distinctive symbol that represents Canada's identity and unity. 

Design: The flag features a stylized red maple leaf at its center, set against a white square background. The two adjacent vertical panels are red, creating a simple and bold design.

Adoption Date: The flag was officially adopted on February 15, 1965, replacing the "Red Ensign." The adoption of the new flag marked a significant moment in Canada's history as it sought a unique and inclusive national symbol.

Symbolism: The red maple leaf is a symbol of Canada and its vast natural beauty. It represents unity, tolerance, and peace among the diverse population of the country.

Colors: The flag predominantly uses two colors - red and white. Red symbolizes the sacrifice and valor of Canadians in various conflicts, while white represents the snow-covered landscapes and the nation's commitment to peace.

Uniqueness: The Canadian flag is distinctive for its simple yet powerful design, devoid of any national symbols or emblems other than the iconic maple leaf. This deliberate choice reflects Canada's desire for a flag that transcends regional or cultural affiliations.

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